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Barulab 7 IN 1 Total Solution Black Clay Mask
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Barulab 7 IN 1 Total Solution Black Clay Mask

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Barulab 7 in 1 Total Solution Black Clay Mask is a clay mask crossed with a sheet mask for easy use! It has 7 additional benefits apart from deep cleansing such as:

πŸ’› Nourishing
πŸ’› Tightening
πŸ’› Pore Care
πŸ’› Tone Up
πŸ’› Moisturising
πŸ’› Exfoliating
πŸ’› Sebum Control

Because the clay cream is spread on top of the sheet mask, it is reallyΒ easy to use and doesn’t stain or ooze all over like regular clay masks.Β As the mask dries up, it sucks out any gunk stuck in your pores. The essence then assists to tighten enlarged pores andΒ helps lift the skin to firm up the facial contours and strengthen the elasticity of the skin for anti-aging benefits!

Single Sheet Mask

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1. After cleansing prepare the skin with toner.
2. Remove the transparent film from the upper mask and attach it to your face.
3. Remove the white film and fit the mask along the facial contour.
4. Attach the bottom mask sheet the same way as well.
5. Remove both mask sheets after 30-40 minutes when they have fully dried.
6. Rinse off with water to remove remaining residue.

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