It’s skin Power 10 Formula Effector Line
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It’s skin Power 10 Formula Effector Line

R250.00R450.00 inc. VAT

A range of essences, serums and ampoules to target any skin problem you have. Each of these colourful bottles have one or two star ingredients that treat a particular skincare concern. They are budget friendly and serves as a great option for those who are starting to expand their skincare collection or just for those who want effective affordable skincare.

Volume: 30 mL

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Seoul Guide

After cleansing & toning, in the essence or serum stage of your routine, use 2-3 drops on your skin and gently pat in for better absorption. 

Why we like it

This product line was what opened up the world of KBeauty for me, my first essence/serum was from the Power10 line and I saw a big difference after a month of using it! It’s a great first step into expanding your skincare routine because it’s so affordable!

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Power 10 Line

CO, Propolis, Q10, YE, VB, VC 30mL, VC 60 mL, WR, WH

9 reviews for It’s skin Power 10 Formula Effector Line

  1. Yudrishka Manilall (verified owner)

    I tried the CO serum for a few days and noticed that it brightened my complexion in darker areas. It is also very hydrating

  2. Yudrishka Manilall (verified owner)

    The VB works excellently on oily/ acne prone skin. It shrinks your pores and clears blemishes really quickly

  3. chev (verified owner)

    Using the VC serum. It has helped with dark spots and uneven skin tone.

  4. nashmanama (verified owner)

    I tried out the VB serum, its incredibly hydrating so its good if you have dry skin. However, the VB line is supposed to tackle hyperpigmentation and I did not see any difference with my dark spots.

  5. Demitri Heyneke (verified owner)

    The propolis serum is lovely! Absorbs easily and leaves a beautiful glow! Would definitely recommend and repurchase

  6. Rosa @>-`-,— (verified owner)

    I got the YE serum and love it. The product is a milky white colour, is quite viscous and has a pleasant floral scent. The scent is neroli-like, and I quite enjoy that. It absorbs very quickly and only a few drops are needed. I’ve been using this almost every night now for 2 months and I’ve seen drastic improvement in the fine lines that were beginning to get a bit obvious.

  7. tilana (verified owner)

    I bought the VC serum and as far as Vitamin C serums go, I have tried better ones. However, given the price I suppose it didn’t do too bad a job. Will recommend if your budget is tight and you NEED a Vitamin C serum.

  8. Demitri Heyneke (verified owner)

    The WR effector feels really good on the skin and absorbs easily. Although other than that I can’t say that it did much? It smells nice and it seems to moisturise my skin nicely

  9. Demitri Heyneke (verified owner)

    The VC effector is great. The 60ml bottle is massive. Like all of the others I’ve tried the scent is nice and not irritating at all. Leaves my skin dewy

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