Yopokki Snack

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A crunchy Korean rice cake snack bursting with flavour. 

Tteok-bokki is a much-loved Korean dish made with rice cakes that are soft and chewy. Yopokki has taken the same rice flour used to make Tteok-bokki and turned it into a convenient, super crunchy snack. Each “chip” is so flavourful and will have you eating one after the other until the whole tub is finished.

Single Cup of Yopokki snack 50 g

Please note that these products are not Halal certified.

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Seoul Guide

Open the tub and snack away. Store in an airtight container once opened. 

Why we like It

These are not your normal chips. They are super crunchy and full of flavour. Perfect for when you’re feeling a bit peckish. 


Please see individual packages. Common allergen ingredients include milk, soy, wheat and tomato. 

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Cheese, Hot & Spicy, Sweet & Spicy, Pizza

4 reviews for Yopokki Snack

  1. thilo (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it…once you start eating it you won’t put the tub down until it’s finished.

  2. sandynagel (verified owner)

    This is so good!! Really LOVE this!

  3. anna.skinglo (verified owner)

    Loved it! Amazing snack.
    Perfect for self-care moments: Sheet mask, favourite beverage of choice and this amazing yummy snack

  4. Kesh77 (verified owner)

    The Sweet & Spicy flavour is delicious & I can eat tons of it. When it was out of stock I tried the Hot but it’s too Spicy. Everyone should try the Sweet & Spicy, you won’t regret it.

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