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Sibonisile Motha



My name is Sibonisile Motha and I was born with the immense privilege of having two X-chromosomes (meaning I am biologically defined as a female). This has come with its own unique set of challenges, one of those being the unfortunate social constructs that dictate how an individual with double X-chromosomes is to behave. Naturally, I attempted this in the early stages of my life. I was a major fan of Barbie, I mean, who didn’t want to be a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world? It wasn’t until an unexpected betrayal by Barbie herself, that I would wind up in the warm embrace of the ultra-cool world of gaming and technology.

Forsaking all things deemed “girly,” I embarked on a new journey that would see me interact with new worlds, ideas and more X-chromosome dilemmas. It would be unfair of me to not mention that I lived against girly ideals with intention – I hated being told what I was supposed to be and how anything outside of that box would be deemed un-beautiful or un-feminine. At some point, I was getting my clothes in the boys’ department in utter rebellion, Vive la résistance!! As I have grown older, I have come to see that my double X-chromosomes are not a particular look or a group of socially constructed rules but rather the relationship I have with myself. Acknowledging who I am and loving me for it. Self-love.

“Everyone’s skin is different and each has their own needs and preferences; I only hope that my journey will help you in discovering a new world of skincare and self-love.”

Skincare was never something high on my list of priorities, heck, I don’t even think it ever made it on there. This was due to me having battled negative self-image, low self-esteem, chronic illness, anxiety disorder and depression. Now this may seem like a lot, and it was, but thank GOD I am finally at a point where I am choosing to love me – all of me. Just as I am. Love is more than words or a feeling, but action too. All my past traumas had me physically engaged, so I decided that my Self-love journey would need me physically present too. So having a skincare routine seemed to be the next best thing for me to do, particularly because I’ve never had one (unless a bar of soap followed by Vaseline is considered a skincare routine, if so, I’ve been killing the game for more than 25 years!). As fate would have it, I would cross paths with Seoul of Tokyo via an unexpected appearance on my timeline. Drawn to the pretty posts and informative stories, not to mention the positive reviews, I felt like Seoul of Tokyo was my next step, and amazingly, they felt the same way.

So here we are, at the genesis of my skincare journey. With sensitive skin, marvelous melanin and armed with the expertise of Seoul of Tokyo products, I will be taking you along as I discover what works for me and what does not. From masks, serums, lotions, cleansers, and the whole shebang! I will be working my way to the ultimate 10-step skincare routine day by day and week by week. Everyone’s skin is different and each have their own needs and preferences; I only hope that my journey will help you in discovering a new world of skincare and self-love. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, JUST BY BEING YOU!

Here’s to a beautiful journey…

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