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Korean & Japanese Skincare Products

Korean and Japanese Beauty has amassed a cult following around the World and rightly so. The problem with this is that there are now so many products out there to choose from. We’ve done the hard work for you and gone and carefully curated the best and most effective ones and brought them to South Africa, take a look!

Korean and Japanese beauty and skincare products in South Africa J and K-Beauty
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With nationwide delivery around South Africa, your favourite K&J beauty products  are just a click away. To give you more glow for your buck, we include free samples with every order. With our no-joining-fee-no-strings-attached reward program, you can get your glam on even on a tight budget. 


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Everything that you find at Seoul of Tokyo has been thoroughly researched and hand selected by our co-founders. They’ve only picked the highest quality K&J beauty products that will give you results.


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Korean and Japanese beauty and skincare products in South Africa J and K-Beauty
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We’ve curated the cult favourites of Korean and Japanese Beauty so you can be assured of the quality and effectiveness. There can be no compromises when it comes to the ingredients you put on your skin.

Discover the Best in Asian Skincare

Welcome to Seoul of Tokyo, where tradition meets innovation in skincare. We are at the forefront of bringing you an exceptional range of skin care products from Korea and Japan. Our mission? To provide your skin with the luxury and care it deserves.

Our Collection

Dive into our diverse range, featuring everything from hydrating serums to revitalising creams, gentle exfoliators, and protective sunscreens. Whether you’re new to K-beauty and J-beauty or a seasoned enthusiast, our selection caters to every need and preference.

Why Choose Us?

Our carefully curated products are designed to offer visible results, enhancing your skincare routine like never before. At Seoul of Tokyo, buying skin care products means investing in your skin’s future. Explore collections crafted for various skin types and concerns, and find your perfect match.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Opt for Seoul of Tokyo not just for our skin care products but also for an unmatched shopping experience. Enjoy top-tier customer service and fast delivery across the nation. Start your journey to glowing skin today with us.

The Science Behind Korean & Japanese Skincare Products

Korean and Japanese skincare stand out due to their focus on gentle, innovative ingredients that promote healthy, glowing skin. Innovations like BB creams, sheet masks, and snail mucin are rooted in scientific research aimed at improving skin health and appearance. These products prioritise hydration, sun protection, and the layering technique to ensure deep nourishment and long-lasting results.

Why Korean Skincare is So Good? 

Korean skincare is renowned for its emphasis on a comprehensive, step-by-step routine that targets various skin concerns holistically. The use of natural ingredients, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures products deliver on their promises, leading to visibly healthier skin.

Is Korean & Japanese Skincare Worth It?

Absolutely. The effectiveness of Korean and Japanese skincare products lies in their meticulous formulation, which combines traditional beauty secrets with modern science. This blend ensures products are not only effective but also gentle on the skin, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about skincare.

K-beauty and J-beauty Seasonal Skincare Essentials

Adjusting your skincare routine to the season is crucial. Winter calls for richer, more hydrating products, while summer favours lightweight, SPF-infused formulas. Spring and autumn transitions can benefit from balancing and gentle exfoliation products to maintain skin health.

FAQs about Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

1) What makes them unique?

The combination of natural ingredients with advanced skincare technology.

2) Can they suit sensitive skin?

Yes, many products are designed with sensitive skin in mind, focusing on gentle, soothing ingredients.

3) How often should I use them?

It depends on the product, but consistency is key for the best results. Regular daily use is recommended for most products.

4) Where can I start?

Begin with the basics: a cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF, then gradually add products like serums or masks tailored to your specific skin concerns.

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