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COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

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A sheet of 24 hydrocolloid patches to protect your pimples from further infection. Pop one over your whiteheads, blackheads or squeezed pimples before you sleep and wake up to a patch with gunk and debris from your pimples.

24 patches

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Seoul Guide

Wash the area you’re wanting to treat and wait for it to dry, don’t apply any of your skincare products on the area. 

Choose from one of three seize patches available and stick it on to comfortably cover the pimple. Remove in the morning and admire the white gunk the patch absorbed from your blemish. 

Why we like it

Having  a patch prevents further contamination from dust and prevents it from spreading to another area. It also discourages you from picking and touching the pimple while promoting speedy healing of the infected area. 

The Stars

Ingredient List: Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polysobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methan

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44 reviews for COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

  1. sandynagel (verified owner)

    WOW but these patches work! I will put it on in the evening, go to sleep and the next morning: no pimples!! It’s also so easy to use and it’s comfortable (sometimes you forget that they are there). As someone who does pick at their skin, this also stops that! Can’t wait to order more!!

  2. safiya.s08 (verified owner)

    These are a must have! It not only makes the little pimples disappear by the next morning with an overnight application, it also really makes the bigger pimples shrink and dry out faster without picking, this helps with scarring and keeps the rest of your face and pillow protected from those annoying pimples!

  3. sdavids (verified owner)

    Really comfortable to wear and does it’s job. Absolutely love it!

  4. hippophile0 (verified owner)

    These patches help pimples clear up faster, and the patches are both comfortable to wear and weren’t noticeable to my family members. I would definitely recommend this product.

  5. penny (verified owner)

    I bought these for my son who has occasional breakouts since stopping Raccutan. He loves that the patches stop him fiddling, make zips less noticeable and help clear the breakout quickly.

  6. catharinavdmescht (verified owner)

    These are amazing! It stops me from picking at my acne and it seriously pulls out the gunk overnight. Helps reduce the inflammation as well so yay less scarring!

  7. Kate (verified owner)

    These little patches are miracle workers! They make spots flatten overnight and stop me touching my face. Absolutely love these

  8. Simonee Van rooyen

    When i purchased these i would have to say i was sceptical if it will work and boy did they surprise me. They have became a must have seeing that i get occasional pimples that pops up at the most unexpected times. They sit really well on your skin. Most of all it protects your skin from picking through out the day.

  9. bhcompt03 (verified owner)

    I have seen so many reviews of this product and so I decided to try it. I suffer with acne scarring from popping pimples but man do these work. I put it on before bed on my pimple and the next morning I simply peel it off and it takes the pimple with it without any scarring! Its now a staple to add to my cart when making purchases as comes in handy.

  10. shannonrvanwyk (verified owner)

    I bought these after many friends shared rave reviews about them, and the patches do not disappoint. I particularly like that the patches are barely visible and work overnight. This is definitely something I’ll be adding to my monthly skincare shop.

  11. aaminakhanzn (verified owner)

    Dried out and flattened my pimples overnight + reduced redness. Definitely a must have

  12. anneristeyn (verified owner)

    A must have! Helps to reduce the size and redness of pimples overnight. It also helps pimples to heal much much faster.

  13. leeannedeonarain (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product works. Put it on, forget it’s there and your pimple is gone so fast. My teenage son insists I get him his own and it’s boosted his confidence.

  14. aaliyahmotala (verified owner)

    This was a mistake purchase as it wasn’t what I thought it was. Best mistake I made.

  15. Yudrishka Manilall (verified owner)

    These work every time! They’re perfect to remove acne and calm down your breakouts

  16. Sarah Place (verified owner)

    Work so well! I left them on all day while I was working!

  17. Dan (verified owner)

    Admittedly these are the first pimple patches I’ve ever tried, and for what it’s worth, they do provide adequate enough protection for irritated pimples. There were a few that didn’t adhere as well as others. Highly recommend to apply to dry skin for maximal efficacy. Fairly discreet. Could be worn out during the day if required.

  18. martinesmit93 (verified owner)

    Great product. It’s barely visible on your skin and makes the blemish appear smaller after removing the patches. I haven’t tried it on any serious blemishes, but with small spots it does the trick.

  19. jane.duminy6 (verified owner)

    Such a great product, especially for those really bad pimples. I use them at night with no other products on the spot and it works like a charm. It can be a slower process with bigger pimples but it still works great!

  20. lynellgovender24 (verified owner)

    Good product and it is effect although the process is slower than expected. I had to leave it on for a day and a half until i saw a bit of white showing on the patch .This product definitely works but don’t expect it to work within the time limit tho.

  21. Inez Faul (verified owner)

    This is a must-have for hormonal breakouts! The pimple patches such lifesavers, especially because the patches help to hide the redness of the pimple a bit. This does however not work as good on pimples that are just red with no visible pus (the pimple must be on the surface of the skin). Also, just be aware that if you have sensitive skin it might leave a tiny red mark on your face in the shape of the pimple patch (this is similar to when you remove a bandaid after a few hours). Just be sure to moisturise the area after using the patches.
    Otherwise, this definitely is a 5-star product!

  22. Sue (verified owner)

    To be honest, I was slightly disappointed by these patches. I found that they did not “absorb” as much out of the pimple (just a small white dot on the patch) and didn’t shrink the pimple down much, even if I wore them overnight. I think they work well for some people but I personally wouldn’t repurchase.

  23. yureshanaik (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely amazing product for those who often suffer from breakouts. The patches help protect pimples from exposure to the environment while soothing it. I’ve purchased this a few times and it’s by far the best pimple patches that I’ve tried.

  24. charnejvr1

    Love love love, almost disappears completely with one application. Very Satisfied.

  25. philimari (verified owner)

    A holy grail. They literally suck all the gunk out of your pimple and reduce it drastically. They also don’t dry out your skin. I have purchased a few packs.

  26. nabeelahhendricks01 (verified owner)

    these pimple patches are absolutely amazing, works wonders and sticks really well to the problem areas.

  27. thandibb9 (verified owner)

    The best patches out there. I’ve tried a few and none of them compare. These stay on really well (even all day or night). They often make raised pustules into flattened, less inflamed little lesions. My go-to to make a pimple disappear much faster. I also think they make the PIE/PIH less obvious since they lessen the spread of the inflammation.

  28. jamyfelton (verified owner)

    I love this pimple patch pack. The best advantage it has is that there are so many sizes, compared to other pimple patch packs that have one size. This comes in handy given that my pimples are various sizes. Personally I found it works best to use a pimple cream, let it dry, and then sack then I smack the pimple patch on. Great product!

  29. charnejvr1

    Wow, no better spot treatment !!

  30. Bilqees Capitao (verified owner)

    I am in loooooove with the COSRX patches. They consistently get rid of whiteheads in just one day or two, with redness of the skin. I would buy this over and over.

  31. Bilqees Capitao (verified owner)

    I am in love with the COSRX patches. You just plop a sticker/patch on a whitehead pimple overnight and when you wake up, you have white gunk on the patch and a pimple that has decreased in size. It’s definitely worth the buy!

  32. pribear (verified owner)

    I just did a re-purchase and I can see more re-purchases in my future. One patch per pimple (there’s difference sized patches) and you’re good to go! ..the night day , there is white residue on the patch and the pimple mountain is gone! …love this to prevent my pimple popping tendencies , this is a faster solution and ensures there’s no root to cause “drama”. definitely recommend, like 100000x recommend

  33. michielubbe (verified owner)

    These are AWESOME!

    I’ve been using the COSRX BHA Blackhead exfoliator and it’s been causing some purging on my chin. These little patches stop me from picking and scratching acne marks and also sucks out all the gunk. YUCK!

    Recommend this for someone who has a habit of picking and squeezing pimples.

  34. Joslyn Amber da Costa (verified owner)

    Leave this on over night and when you pull the patch off in the morning your zit has reduced in size. Love these patches!

  35. Kay (verified owner)


  36. butterflycupcake87 (verified owner)

    I love these pimple patches! You don’t feel them at all once you’ve applied them to your skin after cleansing. They reduce the size of the pimple and it prevents me from picking at my skin. I did find that I had to keep it on for over a day in some cases but I think it depends on the size of the pimple. Definitely going to repurchase!

  37. jodiebergstedt (verified owner)

    Definitely helps if you have a habit of picking at your skin. Also the price difference for these pimple patches compared to generic store brands, is in my opinion, worth every rand. This definitely aids in clearing pimples, where as others are more like a plaster

  38. Rene (verified owner)

    THE BEST thing for pimples and cystic acne. Really works, next morning the pimple is significantly smaller and soothes the irritation and swelling. Any other product supposes to do the same just does not live up to Cosrx. TBH any of Cosrx’s products are a great investment and works really well.

  39. sue95wendy (verified owner)

    Holy grail!!! I have a habit of picking my skin and this helps soooooo much.

  40. qsokopo (verified owner)

    Amazing product works well overnight, you can barely feel or tell it’s on the face great for people who struggle with skin picking.

  41. Nella (verified owner)

    It’s not a bad product but you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Nice that it has different sizes but it was nothing special.

  42. chantiswart (verified owner)

    Best pimple patch on the market by far!! Literally overnight helps soothe redness and irritation and decreases size of pimple and in many cases helps them disappear completely after
    wearing overnight. A definite repeat purchase for me and a firm favourite!!

  43. Lufuno N (verified owner)

    These patches are amazing. For the most stubborn pimple, you need 2 days, otherwise I find overnight the pimple is resolved.

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