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Benefits of Using Cleansing Oil for Face: Oily Skin Type

Using a cleansing oil for your face might seem counterintuitive, especially if you already have oily skin. Won’t it worsen sebum production and make your face shinier? The short answer is no. It turns out that going oil-free is not always the best way to go for oily skin types. Researchers and dermatologists are highlighting the perks of oils for the skin, especially those with healing and soothing ingredients. The key is to pick a cleansing oil that can help remove dirt, makeup, sebum, and other impurities that clog your pores and cause blemishes.

What is cleansing oil?

If you follow the Korean skincare routine, then you have probably heard of using cleansing oil for the face.Cleansing oil is a specially formulated skincare product that you slather on your face and then wipe off or wash off with your facial cleanser. It nourishes your face while lifting excess sebum, cleaning out clogged pores and removing pollutants, dead skin, and makeup residue that your makeup remover may have missed.

Better than traditional cleansers

One of the benefits of using cleansing oil for your face is the gentle cleaning action it provides. Traditional cleansers could irritate the skin and cause dryness, worsen acne, and make your skin produce more oil. Oil cleansing helps balance the skin while locking in hydration.

For healthier skin

Using oils instead of traditional detergent cleansers or soap protects the natural lipid layer of your skin and the good bacteria living there. Certain bacteria thriving on your skin may help prevent skin infections and acne.

Maintain a youthful look

According to studies, cleansing oils may also offer more skin benefits, such as soothing dry, mature skin and promoting better skin barrier function to relieve irritated and sensitive skin. Hydrated and nourished skin shows fewer signs of ageing.

What are the best cleansing oils?

If you’re looking for high-quality cleansing oil for the face, check out the selection from well-known brands like Banila Co., DHC, Celimax, Kose, Laneige, and Beauty of Joseon. Make sure it is formulated to dissolve impurities and melt away makeup to leave your skin soft, radiant, and clean.

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