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What a skin toner does for the skin and how to use it optimally

What is a skin toner?

Skin toner is a water-based skin care product that can be used for a wide range of skin types. The toner is essentially a blend of plant extracts and essential oils that can help relieve skin impurities by gently acting on them. It is always advised to go to a skin toner that is steam distilled and has zero alcohol content in it. 

What are the ways to use a skin toner?

You can see visible signs of skin improvement with the routine use of skin toners. The water-based nature of the toner soothes the skin while also healing any acne, pimples, and other skin irregularities. 

Here are some ways to use a skin toner for brighter and healthier-looking skin:

How to use a skin toner:

It restores the skin’s pH balance: Since the toner is made with nothing but water steamed with natural ingredients, it doesn’t irritate the skin. Instead, it replenishes the dead cells, hydrates the dryness, and helps in relieving irritation and tenderness due to acne. 

The toner maintains the skin pH at 5.5, which acts as a defence against germs and bacteria, which eventually leads to fewer breakouts and acne. 

It tightens the skin’s pores: Larger skin pores attract more dirt and bacteria to house and grow in them. This makes the skin more prone to pimples, frequent breakouts, and acne. 

With regular use of a skin toner, the skin becomes healthier and tighter, making the pores smaller. It also makes the skin smoother, making it difficult for dust and bacteria to enter the skin. 

Skin toner prevents breakouts: Skin that has a balanced pH and is regularly toned with natural goodness significantly reduces the frequency of breakouts. 

Breakouts result from bacteria and germs in the skin; with regular toning, you can eliminate such debris. 
Skin toner is an elixir in many ways. Use it to make your skin glow!

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