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Benefits of Incorporating Skincare Essence in Your Daily Routine

Skincare essence is one of those products you’ll hear or read about if you’re following Korean beauty trends or the multi-step skincare routine. It’s a skincare product with nourishing and hydrating ingredients and nutrients, making it suitable for addressing specific skin issues. Usually water-based, it has a high concentration of active ingredients for optimum hydration and protection while boosting the skin’s overall health.

Shiseido introduced its first line of essences in 1897 through a product called Eudermine. Since then, essences have continued to be popular with skincare enthusiasts for their many benefits. A number of brands formulate theirs to help resolve specific concerns, too, such as dry skin, ageing, redness, and acne.

Is it essential?

Essences are applied following cleansing and toning and before applying a serum and moisturiser. Their purpose is to restore hydration and prepare your skin to absorb heavier substances. Consistent use can improve the performance of your favourite serum and moisturiser. Skincare essence can help protect the skin barrier, rebalance the skin’s pH, smooth and soften the epidermis, and boost overall skin health, too.

More benefits of using essence

Using a high-quality essence that suits your skin will go a long way. It soothes and pampers parched skin by delivering moisture deeper. Adding essence to your morning and evening skincare routine can give your skin the nourishment it needs to prevent acne, blemishes, oiliness, and fine lines. Consistent use can make your skin look and feel noticeably healthier.

Skincare essence also helps repair damaged skin. Its active ingredients are formulated to aid in cellular turnover and rejuvenation. Some may even help fade acne scars, minimise the large pores, and improve the signs of ageing.

Invest in a high-quality essence that suits your skin and see the difference. Check out the products from well-known brands, such as COSRX, Benton, Acwell, Innisfree, Laneige, Beauty of Joseon, and Missha.

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