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The Ultimate Skincare Routine: Must-Have Products for Glowing Skin

With so many skincare products in the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to include in your daily regimen. Don’t worry—we regularly curate a list of tried and tested products that are guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling its best. Whether you’re a skincare junkie or new to the game, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and tips on achieving the radiant complexion of your dreams. 


Let’s start with the basics. A good cleanser is essential for any skincare routine. Our top pick for a cleanser is the TIA’M Snail & Azulene Low pH Cleanser. This mild gel cleanser gently removes dirt and impurities while keeping your skin’s pH balanced and hydrated, leaving your complexion feeling refreshed and moisturised without any tightness or dryness. Infused with snail mucin and azulene, this cleanser is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive or irritated skin. Get ready to achieve a clearer, healthier-looking complexion with this gentle yet effective cleanser.


Exfoliation is also important in any skincare routine, as it helps remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Our top pick for an exfoliator is the SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Peeling Gel. Infused with naturally derived cellulose and PHA, this gentle yet effective exfoliator softly removes dead skin cells without causing any irritation. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a brighter, more even complexion with this remarkable addition to your skincare routine.


Another must-have product for a glowing complexion is a serum. Our top pick is the COSRX Vitamin C 23 Serum, a highly concentrated formula that targets acne scars, early signs of ageing, and oxidation damage from UV rays. Infused with 23% pure Vitamin C, this serum works wonders to brighten and even out skin tone while improving skin texture and elasticity. Its lightweight and fast-absorbing formula allows for easy incorporation into your daily routine, making it the perfect addition to your skincare arsenal. 

There are too many amazing skincare products to name them all, but these are just a few of our must-have picks that will help you achieve your glowing skin goals. 
Seoul of Tokyo has an impressive range of skincare products to help you on your journey to radiant and healthy skin. So if you’re looking for more amazing products to incorporate into your routine, make sure to explore our website for all the latest trends in skincare.

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