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Top 5 Reasons Centella Needs To Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine

Centella Asiatica, often known as Gotu kola, is a member of the Apiaceae family and a close relative of parsley. It is a perennial plant that is only found in South East Asia’s tropical wetlands.

You must have heard of the ingredient Centella Asiatica if you’re a fan of Korean skincare. Numerous names, such as Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Asiatic pennywort, and tiger grass are given to this plant. The usage of it as a natural skin care ingredient is growing in popularity.

In this article, we’ll go over the top skin benefits of utilizing Centella Asiatica as well as how to work it into your daily regimen.

What is Centella Asiatica?

Centella Asiatica, sometimes referred to as Asiatic pennywort or Gotu kola, is a tropical plant that is indigenous to Southeast Asia and has been used for many years as a medicinal herb to cure a variety of illnesses. Centella Asiatica and its extracts were advocated as a treatment in the nineteenth century for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin rashes as well as for improving wound healing.

Why is Centella Asiatica good for the skin?

The key ingredient in Centella Asiatica (CA) that is responsible for its principal skin benefit—superb wound healing is saponins. In addition to being a miraculous skin healer, Centella aids in collagen formation and includes healthy fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants that your skin adores.

Can I use Niacinamide with Centella Asiatica?

Another ingredient of skincare that can be beneficial for those with acne is niacinamide. Fortunately, the safe combination of niacinamide and Centella Asiatica results in products that effectively brighten skin and reduce redness and irritation.

Benefits of Centella Asiatica in skincare

We are exposed to everyday pressures that affect how our skin looks and feels. The skin barrier is frequently damaged by various aggressors, such as pollutants and UV radiation.

Since Centella Asiatica has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, and anti-aging properties, it is employed as an active ingredient in skin care products.

Listed below are some amazing benefits of Centella Asiatica:

1. Anti-aging:

Many flavonoids and an active substance called “Madecassoside” found in Centella Asiatica act as antioxidants to counteract the free radical damage brought on by exposure to the sun and pollution. For keeping a young complexion, they also enhance blood flow, collagen, and skin tissue formation. In various studies, Centella Asiatica was found to help boost collagen formation, particularly type I collagen. Collagen is essential for improving skin suppleness and minimizing aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Soothing:

Asiaticosides, a class of saponins with calming and therapeutic qualities, are the primary active ingredients of Centella Asiatica. CA is great for restoring your skin’s moisture barrier so it can guard itself against further deterioration. It considerably lessens the visual symptoms of skin sensitivity, such as burning and itching.

3. Hydration:

For people who take medications or substances that might dry up their skin, such as acne-fighting treatments, CA can be beneficial because it not only reduces inflammation but also hydrate the skin’s dry patches. It is an active ingredient in various skin care products like serums, cleansers, and moisturizers.

Centella Asiatica also increases microcirculation of blood in the skin and prevents excessive accumulation of fat in cells.

4. Provide antioxidant protection:

Antioxidants are crucial for maintaining our health. We eat them every day in the form of fruits and vegetables, but according to a study, we also need to apply them topically to our skin. Antioxidants aid in preventing environmental damage that can cause irritation and early indications of aging when they are utilized in skin care products. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of Centella Asiatica are enhanced by the presence of polyphenols, flavonoids, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

5. Comforts compromised skin:

It is known as “the tiger herb” in India because it has a legend about wounded tigers rolling around in it. The skin barrier’s principal job is to keep things in equilibrium. But when our skin’s barrier function is compromised, whether as a result of harsh skin care products or external influences, it’s crucial to take extra steps to assist our skin return to normal. And Gotu Kola (another name of Centella Asiatica) can support you in that. This nourishing herb contains a wealth of minerals and nourishing elements that assist damaged skin and it is useful in speeding up the healing process.

Key Take Away

Including Centella Asiatica in your skincare regimen may be beneficial regardless of your skin type. Centella extract is a welcome addition to a variety of products, including serums, creams, cleansers, and toners. It can be used to treat acne-related inflammation and pigmentation as well as to hydrate and soothe disturbed skin.

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